Hello everyone,

This week is a week to plan and prepare for the upcoming MSO’s Bravo 1 opening concert of the season on Saturday, October 6th. We have already done quite a few concerts in September and they were all very exciting including Young People’s Concert for the Jackson Public Schools (we played for about 8,000 children!), a Classical/Pops concert of hits that we performed at Symphony @ Sunset in the beautiful Fondren area of Jackson (The Cedars) and then our great night with the music of ABBA! This upcoming concert, however will be the first fully classical and “serious” program of the season. But wait! Bernstein’s West Side Story Symphonic Dances serious? Well, Bernstein was one of the most talented and celebrated American conductors and composers of the 20 c. and he wrote “serious” music as well as Broadway musicals that were full of fun and jazzy rhythms and harmonies. He would have been 100 this year if he was alive. I worked with Bernstein on several occasions at Tanglewood Music Festival and it was an unforgettable experience! He lived and breathed the music he directed and he was an incredible inspiration to me and all the young people he encountered. 

West Side Story is a great example of Bernstein’s genius with dance and musical theatre writing and of course the music that is symbolic of America, jazz! There are also some other types of dances there such as Cha-Cha and Mambo, both of Cuban origin. West Side Story also includes some especially beautiful songs that will make you cry. You will absolutely love this piece and I am sure you will recognize many of the melodies from the famous musical. To learn about the remaining pieces on the program next week (October 6th, 2018, 7:30 at Thalia Mara Hall) please go to our website at www.msorchestra.com.

Hints: we will perform pieces by another celebrated American composer, by a great Russian 20 c. composer and his famous ballet suite about a “bird” plus a lovely cello concerto by Tchaikovsky! Curious? Check it out and we will see you there!

Until the next time…