“Especially gripping was Szlubowska’s performance of the Sonata for Unaccompanied Violin by the unjustly neglected Grazyna Bacewicz (1909-1969). Its hints of Bartok and neoclassical rigor suited Szlubowska’s no-nonsense demeanor well; she held interest from first note to last….”
–The Washington Post, Washington, DC

Szlubowska’s sound in the Sibelius was rich, singing and easy…. Her performance was technically excellent, comfortable, one of an old friend. For an encore she played Paganini Caprice No. 5 lightly and effortlessly.”
–Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle, Washington

Szlubowska’s tender, sweet, highest tones were exceptional. She played with strength and vigor throughout the Tchaikovsky Concerto. The cadenza was especially noteworthy for its wide range of expression and nuance, not to mention the technical feats.”
–The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina

“Marta Szlubowska gave a deeply committed performance of the Sibelius Violin Concerto – beautifully appropriate. As was the diamond-hard glitter she brought to her encore, Paganini’s Fifth Caprice.”
–Eastside Week, Bellevue, Washington

“Ms. Szlubowska’s interpretation of the Wieniawski Concerto No.2 was filled with warm lyricism and flawless technique.”
–Le Soir, Brussels, Belgium

“In the Tchaikovsky Concerto, Ms. Szlubowska displayed technical maturity and an exciting interpretation.”
–Warsaw Currier, Warsaw, Poland

“Ravel’s Tzigane was performed by Ms. Szlubowska with great fire and magnificence.”
–Helsinki Sanomat, Helsinki, Finland